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We All Need a Superhero

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just wrapped up 10 years and 21 movies with Avengers: Endgame breaking all kinds of box office records. I, myself, couldn’t stand not seeing the movie for more … Continued

Signs Everywhere

By Melanie Anderson Options is excited to welcome our first consumer, Sofia, and personal support staff, Monet, who are Deaf.  Sofia and Monet plan to offer a sign language class … Continued

New Normal

By Aaron Zint There was once a newly married couple making a roast for dinner. As they were preparing the food, the wife went to put the roast in the … Continued

Ways to Build Community

By Melanie Anderson   Labels I have been working in this “industry” nearing 27 years now; the industry of supporting people with disabilities.  While I am eternally grateful to have … Continued

Fun Announcement!

We’ve got a fun announcement today.  Watch the video below from Eric and Sadie Hess to learn more about Option’s new partnership.  Our community is expanding which means more opportunity … Continued

Languages of Appreciation

Love Languages Imagine a Brazilian man who only speaks Portuguese, is trying to say, “I love you very much!” to a Chinese woman who only speaks Mandarin. She will probably … Continued

Day of the Deaf

Deaf Awareness Week The last week in September  is the start of Deaf Awareness Week and during the month of September, many organizations hold activities to celebrate and to educate … Continued

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