Providing quality services for adults with disabilities.

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Our Values

The “how” behind what we do is our core values.

Core values are who you are on your best day.


Demonstrating value and loyalty to all our stakeholders: clients, their families, and our team members; vendors, regional centers, and their affiliates.


Shaping individuals into a dynamic group of people, drawing our power from each person’s unique potential.


Being a people who make and keep promises, maintain integrity, and are continuously accountable to each other.


Never being satisfied with mediocrity, but always striving for each other’s personal and professional maturity.


Being a blessing to others, because we are thankful for our many blessings.


Loving people as we find them and creating a safe, empowering culture so that people can be healed and fulfill their own destinies.


Believing in endless possibilities for each other because God is good and He is always on our side.

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