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Eric and Sadie Hess, who own Compass SLS and ILS have stepped in as the managing partners of Options. This was a very fortuitous partnership, as Paul is looking to step into a new season of life and Eric and Sadie are excited to bring their flavor to Options.  It is equally valuable these individuals share a similar philosophy in SLS.  Eric and Sadie do bring some new mechanisms and systems of service delivery, but the heart remains the same.

We have taken on the task of evaluating the question, “What is Paul’s Legacy?  What are the things that are essential to Options?”  Below are our takeaways and thoughts.

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  • Client choice is central to Options mission.  We are determined to not only protect, but endeavor to continue, the life-long learning process.  We will also request ideas to continue to give client freedom of choice and empowerment to live the life they have chosen.
  • Options has worked very hard in its use and Maximization of Generic Resources—IHSS, Housing, Medical Resources.  We will work to improve and never diminish this valuable resource.
  • Options has extraordinary understanding of Prader Willis Syndrome specifically and some unique client needs generally.  It is our endeavor to hang on to this knowledge and expertise.
  • Consumers are the leader of their own arrangement/teams.
  • Options has an excellent relationship with ALTA.  We will only work to increase and enhance that relationship
  • Options has a very small CSF ratio and good employee benefits and we will maintain that standard.

It is our heartfelt endeavor to only change items that are not working or just needs some additional supports.  We want everyone to feel both comfortable and inspired by the changes that will be made and the items that will remain the same.  Please feel free to stay in communication with leadership throughout this transition.

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