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17 consumers.  Options Community Support Facilitators coordinate services for 4 consumers.  Personal Support staff usually support 1-2 consumers.

Consumers have friends and family just like we do. We encourage supports around them to support them whenever possible

Options advocates for our consumers in all areas of daily living. We support our consumers by managing generic resources. IHSS provides funding to pay staff for in home support for our consumers.

Community Support Facilitators or CSF’s are supervised by the Options Director as assisted in recruitment by a Team Builder.  CSF’s work in partnership to support each other and share an emergency on call rotation.

Options will help with housing searches and applying for and supporting with affordable housing vouchers and subsidies for housing support.

Supervisors will connect with staff through in person connects, meetings or over the phone.  Communication/management happens through service notes, trainings, and regular team meetings.  We utilize an app for tracking clock in and clock out that tracks geo location.

Personal Support Staff receive one on one training in the office with management and their assigned CSF.  Afterwards, staff are trained one-on-one with the consumer they will be supporting.  Ongoing training occurs at regular team meetings and All Hands trainings three times per year.

We have an emergency response system to find coverage when staff calls off for their shift.

Staff are hired to help advocate and communicate for our consumers as needed and to convey information to the admin team for reporting purposes.  This may include attending a variety of appointments including medical, dental and other therapeutic appointments.

Options was established in 2003.

Options facilitates community involvement around the interests of the consumers it supports.

1-2 months on average.

Staff utilize their own vehicles and are reimbursed for mileage.

Advertisements, job fairs, hiring seminars and referrals.

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