Providing quality services for adults with disabilities.

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Cinthya Hamilton

Cinthya Hamilton , Employee since 2016

What I like about options is everything. The company’s great so is the management and staff. What I like about supporting people with developmental disabilities is I get to make a difference in their lives. I just love taking care and helping others because it’s a great feeling. I have so many memorable moments with … Continued


Tiffany Dedrick, Employee since 2017

I like the support that I get from my CSF and Options. I always have from day one. I love that there is such good communication. During the Pandemic, Options really was on top of making staff and consumers feel relief with the way they brought out supplies to the houses and made sure we … Continued



Marci is a 39 year old wonder woman who is loved by everyone she meets. Marci has been with Options since 2017. She is a very social, caring person who loves animals. Marci has really learned to speak up and advocate for herself and is very proud of her independence. Marci loves art, any kind … Continued


JoDell Bush

I’m happy. I have no complaints. Even when we (Jo and Facilitator) can’t see each other in person (because of the Shelter In Place) we still talk a lot (Facetime and calls). We are working on a plan to do art projects together using Facetime. Things are good.

Barbara Short and JoDell Bush

Options has been very caring, very supportive. Especially during this COVID-19 situation. People check in with us all the time, ask how we are and our families, make sure we have supplies and everything we need, and make sure we know they are here for us and appreciate us. Our Facilitator sends us texts and … Continued