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Tiffany Dedrick

I like the support that I get from my CSF and Options. I always have from day one. I love that there is such good communication. During the Pandemic, Options really was on top of making staff and consumers feel relief with the way they brought out supplies to the houses and made sure we were all updated on any new information. They made us feel secure in the fact that Options had genuine concern for the staff and consumers. They made sure we got all needed and necessary supplies for us to do our job safely. They reached out to us to be sure everything was ok in our lives not just our work lives. I enjoy our team meetings, trainings offered and the feeling that we matter.

My consumer is awesome. We are a really good fit and I enjoy doing things with her. We laugh, we have good conversations, we like to go to the gym, going shopping together and being there for each other. I know it is a job but I look at my consumer as a friend and someone who also helps me learn and grow. Seeing her happiness and joy through all the things we do together makes me happy to go to work.

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