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A Trip of Dreams with Karen

Written by Candy Stevens

Doing what you love and loving what you do adds a whole new layer of fulfillment to your work. When your job is more than just a means to a paycheck, it transforms into something truly rewarding. It’s a special feeling when your supervisor tells you that your messages and pictures were their source of strength during tough times at work. Hearing, “Honestly, those pictures kept me going, and Karen’s smile reminded me why we do what we do,” reassures you that you’re on the right path.

Her Dream Became My Mission

I’ve had the privilege of working with Karen for over five years, and together, we’ve come a long way. Karen is not just a client; she’s become a cherished part of my extended family. Last summer, I began to actively listen to Karen’s dreams and aspirations, focusing on turning them into reality. Karen’s dreams became my mission, and her success became my measure of achievement. I was thrilled to include her in our family vacation this summer. It was an honor to take her with us on this adventure.

A Dream Come True

The anticipation and excitement were palpable as we embarked on this adventure. Together, we explored Disneyland, California Adventure, and many other incredible places. Karen’s enthusiasm and chatter were contagious. We were more than a group; we were a family experiencing a dream come true.


Each day was thoughtfully planned, considering individual preferences while fostering a sense of togetherness. Our matching shirts added a fun and personal touch to the trip, reflecting our uniqueness as a group. We encountered some hiccups along the way, like a blown tire and a few minor delays, but we faced them together, strengthening our bond.

Evident Joy

Karen’s favorite ride, “It’s a Small World,” was a highlight of the trip. Her joy was evident, and her enthusiasm infectious. We also experienced parades, met beloved Disney characters, and reveled in the magic of the parks. The World of Color 3-D virtual light show was a sensory delight, and we navigated the crowded streets, savoring the experience.

Minnie Mouse

As the days passed, Karen’s eagerness to see Minnie Mouse became a reality. We explored Downtown Disney, collecting pressed pennies and making cherished memories. The firework display on our last night was a fitting farewell to the “happiest place on Earth.”

On to the Beach

Our adventure continued as we checked out of our first hotel and journeyed to Dana Point. Our drive was filled with laughter and camaraderie. Arriving at our second hotel, we were greeted with free goodies and the beauty of the beach nearby.

July 4th

The 4th of July brought more matching shirts and celebrations. Karen’s sense of belonging to our family was evident, and her joy at being included warmed our hearts. We ventured to the beach and later to Hollywood, where we checked into our third hotel.

Universal Studios

Our visit to Universal Studios, however, proved to be less than ideal. Crowds, long lines, and a lack of empathy toward Karen’s wheelchair made it a challenging day. We left, determined to handle things differently in the future. Our last day began with cleaning, packing, and checking out. We embarked on a scenic drive to see the Hollywood sign before our long journey home. Karen’s gratitude for being part of our family shone brightly, and her happiness remained unabated.

A Privilege and a Calling

This adventure has reinforced why I do what I do. Bringing joy and happiness to our clients is not just a job; it’s a privilege and a calling. As we returned the van, Karen expressed her eagerness for the next adventure, a testament to the enduring impact of our journey.

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  1. Candy you are definitely a godsend. . Thank you so much for doing what you do . Without you around Karen would just live day to day without any extra love . Thank you again

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